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The master of the one-liner who made people laugh



A tribute to the pen of the late Russell Sadowsky, born 17 November 1936, died 26 February 2021 – my dad, my hero, my blood.

You always uplifted your fellow man or woman with your jokes, personality, and loved making people happy.

You were a true celebrity who loved 702, letters to editors at The Star, Daily Mail, Greek radio station, and so on.

Your zest for life uplifted people, and your humour will never be forgotten.

As a butcher in Hillbrow, your business card said, “Our reputation is at steak” – it was direct and it made people laugh. You said, “Mike, never put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

You loved calling John Berks and radio stations to be heard. They never had to screen you as they knew you had something up your sleeve.

Dad, your attributes and one-liner jokes were pertinent.

Your wife, Anita; daughter Ros; brothers Lional and Cyril; and family in the United States will miss you.

Thank you to the SA Jewish Report for giving me this opportunity to write this tribute. May you rest in peace, and may your legacy live on.

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