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ANC “family-feud” over Israel grows




Among the MANGAUNG RESOLUTIONS on international relations taken AT the 2013 ANC National Congress, quite inconspicuously on page 44 (Chapter 6.39) is a two-point stand-alone statement that: “The  ANC  is  pleased  with  the successful hosting of the third ANC’s International  Solidarity  Conference … welcomes the ISC resolutions and  therefore  commits  to  set  up  the ISC’s  steering  committee  responsible for  the  follow-up  and  implementation of the ISC resolutions.”

The conference in question was the ANC’s “Third International Solidarity Conference” of October 2012 which led to the TSHWANE DECLARATION of Recommendations. Several paragraphs of the two-page declaration dealt with the ANC’s policy on Israel/Palestine, including the damning statement that “Conference supports the call of civil society’s BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign.”

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