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Middle East

Bev’s pick of the best Zionist reads




Bev Goldman is the doyen of South African Zionist communicators – having spent over a decade at the helm of the SAZF’s communications department, producing the FedSpeak newspaper and running Media Team Israel.

Bev Goldman - LONGTo keep SAJR Online readers current, Bev scans dozens of op-ed pieces in SA and the world media on Zionism so that she can offer us her weekly pick of the best and most interesting, challenging and positive Zionist reading.

Bev is also deeply involved in Zionist education.

Shabbos Reads

This is always popular as a good Shabbos read.

Bev’s stories this week include:

  • Israel’s dilemma: who can be an Israeli?
  • The US needs a deal with Iran, not détente
  • Why is Hamas courting Iran and the Palestinian Authority?
  • How to fight academic bigotry
  • Israel kills fewer innocents than any other nation involved in a conflict
  • Creating ‘Independent Arab and Jewish states’
  • Doing the migrants a disservice
  • Recognise Israel to achieve peace


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