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Cycalive in final lap of international competition




Initiated by Torah Academy in 1998, Cycalive is an annual bicycle ride from Johannesburg to Durban covering 700km. It has been selected as a finalist from 83 projects across 30 countries.

Shalom Corps is looking for Jewish projects that address social responsibility and have a transformative impact on society’s vulnerable and needy.

In a world fractured by racial tension, Cycalive has done much to cultivate hope and inspire thousands of students to reach for positive dreams.

It teaches that pride, passion, and commitment to culture and religion, rather than compromise, can help breed tolerance, empathy, and respect for diversity.

Winning this competition would highlight the international reach of Chabad in caring for all Hashem’s children and countering racism. It will create a kiddush Hashem (sanctification of G-d’s name) particularly in the present climate of divisiveness and hate.

Vote on this link: to ensure that Cycalive wins the competition.

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