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How do you feel about our new president?




“I now have revised hope to achieve the dream and potential that South Africa had at the dawn of democracy and to achieve the country we all hoped it would be. We all wish him the best of luck as no one would like to see South Africa fail. I am excited and optimistic!” – Lisa Schewitz, East London

“I am much happier with Ramaphosa as president, but I have certain reservations regarding his attitude towards Israel and BDS.” – Mike Levy, Johannesburg

“As our South African Jewish population constitutes a tiny percentage, we maintain steadfast positivity of a Ramaphosa rescue. Severe corruption exists, municipal malgovernance exists, economic failure and insecurity exist. A complete ‘swing’ to rescue our country of all these ills needs decent, honest governance which will lead to stability and prevent young Jews from fleeing to greener pastures.” – Megan Kotzen, Bethal, Mpumalanga

“I am nearly as excited to see Ramaphosa elected as I am to see Zuma’s presidency come to an end. I will be looking to the new president to rebuild confidence in South Africa’s vibrant and strong democracy, and to ensure that the rule of law is respected, and would like South Africans to be feel proud to be South African again.” – Rabbi Greg Alexander, Cape Town

“His election has been the long-awaited multivitamin that a lethargic South Africa has been waiting for. This is the first time in a long time that I feel proud to be a South African and I am hoping to continue to hold my head up high.” – Michelle Rosenthal, East London

“It feels as if we now have hope in abundance after an era of hopelessness. President Ramaphosa’s leadership is our chance to rediscover hope and optimism in our beautiful country. Our expectation should be that integrity will be the norm and not the exception.” – Beverley May, Cape Town

“I’m feeling very positive about his election. I expect him to root out all those connected to the Zuma-Gupta corruption saga. I’m looking forward to positive growth in our economy.” – Lorna Falkson, Johannesburg

“President Ramaphosa offers a new wave of optimism for a country that has suffered so heavily at the hands of Jacob Zuma and his corrupt cronies. I want to see him appoint trustworthy ministers, focus on economic growth, put measures in place to reduce extremely high levels of youth unemployment and stand by his promises made in the State of the Nation speech.” – Nicole Lee, Cape Town

“This is a positive move for the country. Apart from some of his past indiscretions, it seems to me that Ramaphosa has the best interests of the country at heart. His ascent should certainly be gratifying to those who have disparaged the administration in the past.” – Kevin Levy, Johannesburg

“It’s early days, but he seems a gutte mensch. I’d like to see our currency stabilised and education and employment improve. I hope he brings back faith and confidence in a country we love so very much.” – Rochelle Winer, Durban

“Ramaphosa’s election as president is a great thing. He is one person, and we are the people. It is now, more than ever, necessary for us to take responsibility for the state of our nation. I would like to see his government ensuring that all South Africans are safe and secure, regardless of skin colour, gender orientation, faith or cultural identification, or political belief.” – Jacqui Benson, Cape Town

“My thoughts on Ramaphosa are less about the man than that his inauguration as president is an overt and deliberate victory for democracy in South Africa. By expelling a corrupt system and giving way for a potential great leader, supported and championed by the nation, we have affirmed our democratic institutions.” – Gregg Horwitz, Johannesburg

“This is a good thing. Given his close ties to Nelson Mandela, along with his known value system and attitude to big business, I believe he is going to do the most amazing things for this country. I want to see him fire and prosecute the corrupt, put capable and moral people in the right positions and attract foreign investment.” – Mark Sebba, Cape Town

“Drastic times in our country call for drastic measures, so I am very pleased that Ramaphosa has replaced Zuma. I hope he dismisses all corrupt MPs and replaces them with only trustworthy, qualified individuals.” – Clifford Bernitz, Middelburg, Mpumalanga

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