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Information to help you weather the crisis




For detailed advice and information on COVID-19 including directives for the lockdown, I urge everyone to make full use of the COVID-19 Jewish Community Platform that we have set up, and which can be accessed either on Facebook or by consulting the menu on our website (

This platform has been a valuable resource in helping our community weather the crisis, and indeed, it’s increasingly being used by other communities as well. It provides regular updates and communal guidelines on a wide range of issues and a hotline, “Ask the Prof”, an interactive forum for people to put their questions to Professor Barry Schoub and receive expert information and guidance. Regular podcasts by Schoub continue to be uploaded.

Following the president’s speech, several questions have arisen specific to our community, especially regarding kashrut and Pesach. Schoub has identified a number of major adjustments that will have to be made on seder night to minimise the possible spreading of the virus and the infection of loved ones, particularly the more vulnerable members of our community and the country at large. These can be found on the platform. Should anyone have Jewish-related issues they would like clarification on, or in the event of experiencing or becoming aware of any instances of anti-Semitism, email

These are very stressful and uncertain times for all of us, and we can expect things to get worse before they get better. Painful sacrifices will need to be made, not least in having to forego the social interaction with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and fellow congregants that we have always taken for granted. That being acknowledged, I’m confident that our community is sufficiently united, organised, adequately resourced, and resilient to weather the present crisis. I can further assure all community members that the board will be there for them throughout this trying period, and that we will do whatever we can to advise, inform, or otherwise assist.

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