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Joburg takes a feather out Cape Town’s cap




For many years now, whenever Parliament is in session on a Friday, pro-Israel supporters gather outside the austere Cape Town building (never more that 15 at a time or it would be considered an illegal gathering) – and simply stand with placards and express support for Israel. Those who attend the gathering are a mix of Jews and members of other faiths who love Israel.

Now, every Friday afternoon in Johannesburg, a group from the Impact for Christ Ministries lead by one of its members, Moses Moyo, moves through the streets of Johannesburg in support of Israel.

They walk past the Gauteng Legislature as they wave flags and make use of a loud-hailer to exhort passers-by to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem, am Yisrael Chai,” they chant.

Occasionally drivers hoot in support or someone shouts some abuse but for the most part people just stop their shopping to watch this display of Israel support in the middle of the day in South Africa.

The rally is held every Friday afternoon and the South African Zionist Federation tries to ensure that there are also Jewish representatives among the volunteers to go along on a regular basis and in small numbers. Anyone interested should contact

Impact for Christ1
Be part of it and feel the spirit and the pride…

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  1. Mogase Mampuru

    Feb 24, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    ‘I am a non-jews member. ButI do appreciate theforcefully crucial role played by Jews globally and locally.I support the FIDF and New York parade salute Israel. I do also support extiction of Palestine in favor Israel which adavanace the Balfour agreement.
    \nDo you have any discussion/debate events where views shares by your Jews community members? Please let me know as I am interested of being part of that.


    There is a Facebook group with over 66,000 like-minded people (although I don’t think they may agree with your – or Balfour’s – views on Palestine). Join them and sign up…        -MODERATOR



  2. nat cheiman

    Feb 25, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    ‘Good for you Mogase’

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