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Shenanigans do not amuse Portfolio Committee




He told Jewish Report: “The Board and Mr Motsoeneng did not hear anything that was said and they certainly didn’t internalise anything.”

Commenting on the unfolding drama involving Motsoeneng and his determination to remain at the SABC, Bagraim said the hearing was a “debacle” and the ANC “had let the issue carry on far too long before they took any action. 

“This feeling of immunity has now taken hold and even the SABC Board is refusing to stand down despite the fact that the members were asked to do just that. Clearly Parliament will have the hearing, the hearing will result in the dissolution of the Board and the new Board will indeed terminate Motsoeneng’s employment relationship,” he said.

(The Board had managed to sidestep a court ruling – as well as an earlier Public Protector finding – that Motsoeneng was not fit to hold the position as COO by appointing him to the corporate affairs position. This made the Portfolio Committee see red. Two Board members announced their resignation from the Board at the Portfolio Committee session, leaving the Board without a quorum, unable to take any binding decision. But the four remaining members have so far refused to budge, despite appeals to them to resign.)

“These events portray exactly what has been happening in many of the parastatals where people have to a large degree gone on a frolic of their own, despite the fact that they are spending public funds and they have no ability to run their business,” says Bagraim. 

“Events such as these occur when you have cadre deployment and people who are appointed are not fit for purpose. We see this reoccurring in many stages. Legally, the SABC Board can no longer function as they are not quorate.”

Another critic, Veronica van Dyk, part of the DA team at the hearing, condemned the SABC Board for having no respect for the Constitution or Parliament. “They are incompetent. This was reflected in their poor presentation at the hearing, with more or less no supporting documents and they left most questions unanswered. They furthermore came over arrogantly, trying to justify Motsoeneng`s controversial appointment to a senior post. The Public Protector’s findings are binding and should be respected by all.

Van Dyk told Jewish Report that the Board is no longer quorate and cannot function properly in terms of the law. “As I said in the committee, Motsoeneng`s sense of self-confidence is created by the fact that he thinks he (read the SABC) is untouchable. It seems as if Motsoeneng thinks he is the SABC. He and the Board need to be removed. Hlaudi and the Board must fall. South Africa deserves better.

“The ANC should have acted sooner when the DA prompted for an inquiry into the SABC`s affairs. Personally, I think it is time that the Minister (Faith Muthambi) should also be held accountable for allowing things to get so out of hand.

“She advocates policies that infringe on freedom of speech. Hlaudi and the Board`s actions within the SABC reflect her view.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. nat cheiman

    Oct 13, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    ‘Mr Bagraim is being polite. Here is a man who is invigorated by his vanity but clearly lacks the intellect to articulate distinctly’

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