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Receiving the Entrepreneur Award a humbling experience



Paul Berman

My gratitude is all the greater when I reflect upon the distinguished careers of those others who were nominated for this recognition and those who have been its recipient in past years. I was humbled and regard this award as one of the greatest achievements of my career. 

In 1989 my brother Saul had a vision and started the business in the construction industry. In 1994 Saul invited me to join the business after having been awarded the building contract for the domestic arrivals terminal at Cape Town Airport. 

Together we became a formidable team. I have a deep emotional bond and friendship with my brother and this is probably why we have been such a great success by virtue of the support and respect we have for each other and the determination to succeed, as we never had a safety net and failure was never an option. 

I need to express once again my thanks and gratitude to my brother for inviting me to join him as it was that opportunity that has given me the platform to rise not only in the corporate sphere, but also in my communal activities within the community in addition to YPO and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Any award of this type is a humbling and gratifying experience, but I am particularly honoured by the fact that the Absa award represents recognition of my achievements by the Jewish community. It is thus an award that is associated with a very important part of my personal identity and system of values.

I regard it not only as an acknowledgement of my contribution as an entrepreneur and businessman, but as an affirmation of my membership of a broader Jewish society of which I am a proud member.

As one who understands South Africa’s great need for entrepreneurship and the development of business skills if we are to address the country’s crises of poverty and unemployment, I also wish to thank Absa and the South African Jewish Report for creating and promoting an award that acknowledges this vital element of our national economic life.

 Cape Town

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