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Thousands of Christian Zionists passionately support Israel



Edna Freinkel, Johannesburg

At a time when constant reports of rising anti-Semitism internationally make us despair that everybody hates us, it restores our joy in having been born Jewish to hear soul-stirring, pro-Israel, pro-Jewish speeches by devout Christian Zionists such as Rev Kenneth Meshoe MP and his equally inspiring daughter, Olga.

To quote extracts from Sunday’s Jerusalem 50th Jubilee programme, DEISI’s messaging is:

* It’s our history: the notion that Israel is an apartheid state is not only a lie, but an appropriation of a painful part of South Africa’s history.

* It’s our faith: the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) is the G-d of the Christian. Judaism is the root of Christianity.

* Israel can help us: Israel is positioned to assist Africa with her various needs, including agriculture, technology, medicine, entrepreneurship and security.

Surely such unique and loving friends should be warmly supported and listened to at every possible moment with invitations to lecture at all our Jewish institutions and religious outlets. Recently when I was telling some Jewish friends about DEISI, they wept with joy and relief to learn that, in fact, there are thousands of Christian Zionists who recognise, love, and respect us for being a light unto the nations.



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