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Chabad of Norwood welcomes new Torah




Rodney and Anita Plett, the sponsors of the Torah, inscribed the final letters of the scroll at the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Mordechai and Sorale Rodal. From there, the scroll was marched in a grand procession amid singing, dancing, music, fiery torches, and much pomp and ceremony to its new home in the ark of Chabad of Norwood.

While the procession lasted only a few blocks, the 20 year journey to this point has been long and adventurous. Chabad of Norwood’s humble beginnings started with Friday night services in a small classroom in Norwood Primary School.

It soon moved into the Rodals’ lounge, and was dubbed, “The shul for the non-shul goer.” As the years went by, the community grew not only in size, but in its spiritual and communal mission.

After renting space for Shabbat services from the Freemason Society, Chabad of Norwood finally found a permanent home on The Avenue in Norwood, where it has continued to expand and offers week-long programmes, services, and events far beyond the scope of Shabbat services, leading to its current motto, “We’re not just a shul, we’re family.”

“For a Torah scroll to be kosher,” said Rabbi Rodal, “The letters cannot be touching, but at the same time, they need to be close enough that it is obvious they are part of the same word.

“This is symbolic of our community,” he continued. “Every individual is celebrated; every person makes a difference. But it is that very sense of community and unity that gives each individual the tools with which to grow and become self-standing, self-sufficient.”

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