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Connecting the chesed organisations




This is now changing.

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein convened a meeting two weeks ago and invited community organisations involved in chesed work. His only goal was to co-ordinate their efforts and make sure that they serve our community as effectively as possible.

“The idea was to get everyone to share their activities with the others so that they could all be aware of what the others are doing,” explains Goldstein. “Chesed is such an important value, and kindness and compassion make the world a better place. Helping people in need is a crucial activity that continues to be vital in our community.”

The meeting was held a few days before Generation Sinai, where the theme of charity and the mitzvah of supporting organisations involved in chesed work were emphasised.

Although the meeting was aimed primarily at raising awareness among organisations, Goldstein explains that this is only the first step. “The vision is to engender unity and closeness among them,” he says. “Moreover, we want to explore areas of potential co-operation between organisations where there is overlap in the services they offer.”

He gave an example that came up in the meeting: “The Bikkur Cholim organisation offers a service of giving people lifts to medical care centres. Hatzolah knew nothing about this, but they are regularly approached by people who are not in emergency situations for transport to medical care. From now on, when people ask Hatzolah for this, they can refer them to Bikkur Cholim and not disappoint anyone.

“This is only one example that shows that once we are aware of what others are doing, we can serve the community better.”

The meeting is set to become a regular platform for discussion about potential lanes of co-ordination and co-operation among affiliated organisations.

The organisations agreed to meet twice a year. This will ensure that they continue their exploration of potential co-operation and give each other support across all working chesed endeavours.

Goldstein explains: “We are not looking to establish a new organisation, nor to appoint a co-ordinating officer. It is more a forum for discussion and dialogue for all potential partnerships.”

Goldstein has committed to chairing the meetings and ensuring that they happen, and to facilitating partnerships where he can. “I aim to promote the work that these organisations do,” he says.

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