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Cultivating a 21st century hub at KDVP




The event promoted the cultural value of art, and raised funds for the school’s most recent project, part of its Cultivate initiative. The evening combined canvas and cocktails with a unique spirit-tasting held alongside the exhibition at Aspire Art Auctions in Sandton.

All of the proceeds are to be used to establish the Hub, an innovative education centre geared towards education relevant to the modern age.

“The Hub aims to create a 21st century learning centre for our students,” said Rabbi Ricky Seeff, the principal of KDVP Primary School. “This will make sure that education remains relevant, exciting, and engaging for many years to come. It has been the case at our school for the past 50 years, and we want to make sure it remains that way for the next 50 years.

Artworks by Nelson Makamo, Norman Catherine, Asanda Kupa, Bev Butkow, Kim Lieberman, Themba Khumalo, Candice Kramer, and several others, featured in the auction. A few of the acclaimed artists are parents at the school.

Some works fetched amounts over R100 000, with many participants eager to raise their bids as the competition stiffened. By the end of the evening, the combined spirit of generosity and zest for art resulted in sufficient funds to make a significant contribution to the project, even after the respective artists had received their share.

“This year’s event took the Cultivate brand to another level,” says Seeff. “It will not only be remembered for its level of style, but also for the significant funds it raised for the school and in particular this project, which will help enhance our school as an education leader in Johannesburg.”

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