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DA mustn’t drop ball in country’s slips



Errol Horwitz

And so, it was for me, recuperating from a mild concussion, to ponder the big questions about South Africa’s recent election and its political future. 

At the outset, the obvious must be stated: The ANC underestimated the deep-seated frustration and resentment among its metro supporters. Its ubiquitous T-shirt and food parcel no longer served as catalysts for votes.

The opposition, on the other hand, understood voter concerns – bread and butter delivery issues. In doing so, it was empirically in a position to demonstrate its competence in governing the Western Cape and given the opportunity, to govern equally well in other provinces. 

South Africa’s 2016 municipal elections were a watershed moment. It has demonstrated a political maturing of its people resulting in the genesis of a new power structure with the DA playing a prominent role. 

It is up to the DA, metaphorically speaking, not to drop the ball in the country’s slips or its boundaries. South Africa’s future depends on it.



Fresnaye, Cape Town


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