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“Is it fair to shun his Chasidim?”




User ‘Some One’ posted this comment on our BRESLOV story and apologised for not putting his/her name to it as “I have no wish to subject myself or my family to the vitriol that will come our way for expressing this dissenting view.”



It appears that R. Berland and his Chasidim were deported to South Africa from Zim.

I have no issue with shelter not being given to R. Berland. It is appropriate that he return to Israel to answer the questions the police wish to ask.

However, is it fair to shun his Chasidim? Many of them appear to be very young and naive. There are many young women, with young children. Is it really fair to deny women with very young children food or shelter because of something their leader has done?

Don’t we judge individuals on their own merits? Aren’t we also supposed to give people the benefit of the doubt?

It’s easy to say they should all be deported. But I’m haunted by the image of a young mother struggling with two very young children in the rain and the cold on Erev Yomtov being told “Sorry, we can’t help you because we disapprove of your rebbe.”

  • I apologise for not putting my name to this comment. However, I have no wish to subject myself or my family to the vitriol that will come our way for expressing this dissenting view.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chaim

    May 25, 2014 at 8:27 pm


    Your opening statement is based on the false assumption that the Israeli police can be relied upon to deal with issues affecting hareidim in a fair and just manner. If you only knew the reality!!!

    And in your own country [where a report published 10 years ago indicated that a girl is raped on the average – every three minutes!!!] the hawks have nothing to do with their time – other than chase after a 77 year old foreigner – based on the most negligible reports of commiting such offenses abroad – coming from a ringleader freshly out of prison for alleged attempted murder… totally oblivious to the fact that this 77 year old Rabbi’s medical condition does not enable him (for years now) even to do such with his own wife…

    Why don’t you ever get the facts straight, and draw your own common sense conclusions???

    I’m sorry to have come down so strongly against your opening statement; I just had to do it because of the disgrace involved towards our Torah and its dedicated followers. Other than this, – I basically agree with your article, and maybe this mysterious \”Rabbi Kinn\” has the answer (see latest article).’

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