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Moshe leads all the way to Israel




 Pictured: Israel Quiz Direction, Aviad Sela, with Israel Quiz 2014 winner Moshe Wolberg.


 The Israel Quiz is an annual contest run under the auspices of the Israel Centre and the SA Zionist Federation, to foster a deep love for Israel, an understanding of the history of the modern state and also to teach Israel advocacy to South African Jewish youth, Israel Centre said in a media release.

The finals, which are always very entertaining, were held at the Edward Nathan Sonnenberg auditorium in Sandton and were extremely well attended, said Rabbi Steven Krawitz.

Moshe saw off stiff competition when in the final round the last three contestants used their in-depth knowledge of Israel to answer questions in a true battle of wits and nerves.

Yossi Band from King David Victory Park came second and Elie Joffe from Torah Academy third. Fourth place went to Deena Katzen of King David Linksfield and fifth place to Daniel Teeger of Yeshiva College.

The learners answered questions on Israeli history, wars, policies, society, culture, defence force, sporting and scientific achievements. Through three elimination rounds to select the top five, the participants conducted themselves with poise and confidence as questions ranging from fair to difficult were directed at them 

Judges were Aviad Sela, Bev Goldman and Ori Leizer.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Warren Bank

    Sep 22, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    ‘Correction: it was Yossi Bank (not Band) of KDVP who came second. Well done to all! ‘

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