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Record-breaking Chanukah doughnut tower




On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, Chabad of Strathavon Jewish Life Centre broke the world record for the world’s highest doughnut tower. As a few hundred people looked on, Rabbi Ari Shishler and his team topped a record-breaking 152cm doughnut stack. The previous record was 125cm. It took 3 198 doughnuts to build the tower, and all of them went to the Chevrah Kadisha Jewish Helping Hand, which distributed them to the aged, needy, and disabled.

The record was verified by auditors PKF Octagon and Bidvest Wits soccer coach Gavin Hunt. Guinness now reviews the evidence provided before it issues an official certificate of achievement.

Why doughnuts? Well, for a start everyone loves them. And, doughnuts are traditionally eaten on Chanukah (the festival of lights). Chanukah celebrates the triumph of light and goodness over repression and negativity. Wednesday night was the fourth evening of the eight-night holiday. And, everyone could use a dose of light and optimism these days.

In addition to the doughnut tower, the centre held a night market, including a variety of children’s Chanukah-themed games. Children competed in a Chanukah game show with prizes, and tackled the sticky task of eating – without using their hands – doughnuts suspended from string.

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