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Working with paradox part #3




Biting the hand that feeds you

This saying conveys the ultimate expression of betrayal and ingratitude. I wonder, as we stand in the days preceding Rosh Hashanah, how often G-d feels that way about us? 

What is reassuring is that instead of repaying our lack of appreciation by withdrawing His support, He continues it, offering us instead the opportunity to repent – year after year. We, as a people, are tasked with emulating G-d’s behaviour in our own small way. 

But on the rare occasion that recipients of Chev assistance – irritated by things not going their way – repay the organisation’s generosity by activating lawsuits against us, the temptation to discontinue help is strong.

A recent experience has involved us in literally hundreds of wasted hours delving through countless numbers of records going back numerous years. All this, in order to compile the massive report required for our defence against unjustified charges. To prove, in essence, that our adherence to protocols and record-keeping is meticulous, as required of us by professional and statutory bodies. 

Added to the drain on energy and resources are the astronomical costs we could incur from acquiring legal and specialised representation to defend us.

I’m sure you will agree that it’s difficult to feel kindly toward people who do this to the Chev. But at the end of the day it is our duty, as ambassadors of the Jewish community, to make proper and correct use of our offices. We must do what has to be done and reserve judgement (I suppose up to a point) as we aspire to follow G-d’s example. 

If we are succeeding in overcoming such temptations and nevertheless continuing to assist those who bite the hand that feeds them, then so are you, because we are partners. May we navigate life’s paradoxes with strength and dignity!

In the merit of your immense loyalty and generosity, may you and yours be truly blessed with a year of peace, good health, prosperity and joy.

May our partnership continue to thrive!

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1 Comment

  1. katherine

    Sep 18, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Hello user, our comments policy does not allow you to name people or institutions without divulging your full name and address. We have, however, forwarded your questions to Mr Seiff   -ED

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