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Campus life




The no-nonsense security team members check people leaving and arriving through the entrances at George and Long Avenues. I may be one of the few to elicit a smile and wave. As I drive in, the night nurses are going home after their long shifts in the hospital section.   

On my way to the parking area I drive past Morris, a Selwyn Segal resident, making his way to the maintenance department, eager to start his day.  Morris is part of the 100-strong World of Work protected employment programme. He takes pride in helping the staff and learning new skills.

Walking into the beautiful little shul I am greeted warmly by the regulars – some from our mental health facilities (the Lodge and Square) and others from the Home. They complain good-naturedly that I don’t come to the minyan more often. After davening we walk to the dining room, passing the Nosh Bar on the way. It’s not open yet but the residents on duty are busy preparing for the day ahead. 

The weather is chilly and breakfast – hot and tasty – is delicious. The catering team start at the break of dawn and have their work cut out for them preparing 3 000 meals every day; I go from table to table chatting to the residents and am always amazed by the amount of useful information I gather from casual conversation – how they’re feeling, what they’re happy about and… not.  

I pass some Golden Acres residents walking their dogs on the way to my office. Support services staff are arriving as I get there: finance, operations and marketing.   

Just outside there is a lot of vehicle activity – drivers are returning from having delivered Arcadia children to seven different schools; everyone is seated on the bus to Kadimah and it is ready to leave. Our drivers are gently helping elderly patients onto transport to take them to their doctors’ appointments.    

There are close to 1 000 residents on this campus and around 800 staff members. As the campus wakes, I am always reminded of the essential and meaningful nature of the Chev’s work. It’s an inspirational message I carry with me into my day.    

May our partnership continue to thrive.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Choni

    May 25, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    ‘May all the residents and staff, and of course donors, enjoy Hashem’s richest blessings. The Chev is indeed a Holy institution.’

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