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Live blog from the big Glenhazel bash




Okay – so as I read what I’m blogging I feel like I am a paid advert for this incredible community party – I am not – I am here of my own volition as the online editor of SAJR Online so that those who can’t be here live, around the town. Country or the world can share it. (I haven’t even been offered a cold drink – hint, hint!!) But I am posting live to a humungous screen her in the middle of the action’

>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 20h05

One of the problems has been connectivity. The wi-fi systems at the KosherWorld centre have been overwhelmed. I eventually had to switch to my 3G dongle (I never leave home without it). Put a few thousand Yids in a room and what do you expect. Even my 3G can’t keep up with them!

The winner of the Executive Business Class trip to anywhere in the world is…:

  • Pearl Freedman – lost it because she wasn’t here.
  • Paul Fisher – also not here (bet you feel like a shmutz!)
  • James Brackenridge – (no James)
  • Natalie ?????????????? (sent over 200 sms’) going to see her 84-year old Gran in Israel. MAZELTOV! I’ll add the surname tomorrow.

Now its thundering, raining and lightening like crazy. This is now a party that is going to come to a quick conclusion.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 19h55

 Okay – I’m back. Karen, you still there?

I took a walk and took some pics (will post later/tomorrow). And I had a smoke too.

There are still hundreds and hundreds of people here – the food queues are shortening, the shoppers are shopping. People are grouped in private parties all over the show, the passages, the steps – wherever you look.

The parking lot is buzzing – the queue for the Chip n Dip must be 30-deep.

The crowd is an absolute community mix – secular and frum (okay, more frum), young and old (okay, truth be told, the music has scared a lot of the old folks away. Even turning their hearing aids down didn’t seem to work).  

But it’s the families that are so amazing to watch. Parents, kids, babies and even the toppies all hanging together.

The lightening is threatening to cause a storm so they are doing the draw for the airticket – to anywhere in the world – only those still here are eligible. In five minutes one of the thousands of entrants will be blown away – or should that be flown away.


Stay tuned…


>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 19h25

BTW here the link to my post-LIVE BLOG of the ambassador’s incredible speech last week and his Q&A session – it’s a powerful read:

>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 19h11

I have to make an admission here – I have what I call my conference bag. It has extentions, a lamp in case the lights go low, everything! I even checked it this morning. I have the camera. Charger. Spare battery (charged). I forgot the blooming cable to connect to my laptop!! I had it out after Monday last week’s live blog at the Ambassador’s speech and didn’t put it back! Clot! Pics tomorrow guys. Or later. BTW we had hundreds fillowing the live blog at the Ambassador’s inceredible speech.

You can either leave the computer/tablet on and regularly hit “refresh” or keep checking back. I’m off to take dome pics – back in in a bit.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 19h01

What a party!


The parking lot is full. Folks are pouring flowing into the street. This has to now be the biggest party in Glenhazel ever. And the LOUDEST with Johnny Sklaar on the stage.


There is plenty more entertainment to come – and deep into the night – so if you are not here – get here! If you live within two kms you can’t hear yourself think anyway so come and get blown away with the rest of us!


You’ll have to park aways away – but it’ll be worth it – would I lie to you?


>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 18h48

 Chai Sponsors

Kathy thanks staff, community leadership and her family. “I’d like to thank my beautiful children.” Don’t go anywhere, says Kathy, we still have so much fun to have and a free airline ticket to anywhere in the world.

The Johnny Sklaar Band have taken to the stage and Nobody in Glenhazel cannot be hearing all this.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 18h44

Rabbi Michael Katz is explaining why we light the Minora – and that it is so special that so many Jews are gathered together – there must be a thousand people at least.

Rabbi Katz says this is the first time in many years that we celebrate Chanukah in November.

Rabbi Katz congratulates ChaiFM and a special message to Kathy Kahler for what she has done for the community.

Thanks too to Joel Back and the team at KosherWorld for their part and for putting up with the community.

Rabbi Katz reminds everyone that their mitzvah is not fulfilled by being here – but they must go home and still light their own Chanukia


>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 18h36


The Minora/Chanukia has been lit and the bracha – Everyone joining the rabbi and the band is twanging along with the Hazman Hazeh as best they can.

 Now the singing and dancing is really getting lively – everyone’s calpping and dancing

>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted 18h30

Everyone is gathering downstairs in the parking lot waiting for the giant candle to be lit– the band is cooking and adults and kids alike are having a ball. The Chai party is rocking too.




As with any live blogging, users have to accept that speed is often given preference over accuracy and that typographical errors can and will occur. These will be amended at the end of the post.



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