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Mystery shopper: Thanks to all, from all




Yeshaya posted the following to Joburg Jewry: “I’m the one in the picture (Confusion & silence reign over Rabbi & flock –ED)standing next to the pickles with my son.” On behalf of all of us I’d like to extend our thanks for helping us out in our time of need.”

“When we arrived here on a very long bus ride, tired and broken, but still in high spirits as Chassidim should, we had such a warm miraculous welcome from our hosts here,” wrote Yeshaya.

Breslov - Geoff shopper hi-res“Our hearts and prayers go out for them with thanks. Unfortunately the same was not extended to our Rav which is devastating.

RIGHT: SAJR group editor Geoff Sifrin’s picture

“A few came on the airplane with the Rav, and the rest of us on 3 buses, one got stranded for a full night of pitch darkness, followed by a morning with water running out and cellphone batteries all dead. At peak we were maybe 250 people, a few more came, but many more left. Most of us are scheduled to leave within the next few days.

“All we wanted is to spend time with our Rav, which is falsely prosecuted by people with much money and vital interests, too complicated to tell here.

“You can trust us very observing Jews that we thoroughly investigated all the accusations and found them as false as can be,” he wrote.

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