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End of the line for UCT Israel boycott




The South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), in collaboration with the South African Zionist Federation, South African Union of Jewish Students, and other stakeholders, devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to opposing this pernicious campaign, one that cynically sought to hijack a reputable institution of higher learning and use it as a political weapon against the Jewish state. Had it succeeded, it would not only have strengthened the hand of anti-Israel boycott movements the world over, but would also have caused considerable and lasting damage to UCT itself.

In our media statement, we commended UCT on the firm stance it has taken against politically-motivated academic boycotts of this nature. We further condemned the three-year obsession by certain UCT academics to pursue their own narrowly-focused political agenda, in the process undermining the objective interests and reputation of UCT itself, and taking the university’s focus away from key issues of concern to UCT and our country. Thankfully, this pointless and damaging episode in UCT’s history has now finally been brought to a conclusion. We hope that the focus there will turn once more to further building and strengthening this outstanding South African tertiary institution.

SAJBD hosts US Ambassador (designate) Lana Marks

On Tuesday, the board hosted newly-arrived US ambassador Lana Marks for a lunch at Beyachad to introduce her to the leadership of our key communal organisations. At an initial meeting with the SAJBD’s leadership we had an opportunity to engage with her on key issues within the community. It’s special having an American ambassador who is Jewish and was born and grew up in South Africa. Ambassador Marks was warm and engaging throughout, displaying a knowledge of and feeling for our country and its Jewish community that was most encouraging. We were all also heartened by her positive outlook on the US-South Africa relationship going forward, and look forward to many more fruitful interactions with her.

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