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JVJP don’t understand Mideast realities



Yossi Bogacz

I have no doubt that JVJP consists of a bunch of well-intended, extremely naive Jews who live in the clouds. They cannot see, nor understand, the realities of the Middle East in particular.  

I agree that not all Muslims are barbaric fanatics, but those who lead and dominate these trends, definitely are; you cannot reason or negotiate with them unless you are prepared to sacrifice yourself. 

They are determined to impose Islam on the world and Israel is in their way… I am proud of having participated in the big rally in support of Israel and was very sad to see a prominent young Jew from Netzer standing together with all the sworn enemies of Israel, supporting them.

I lived in Israel and still have a big family and friends there. Israel was, is and will continue to be, in my heart for as long as I live.


Highlands North, Johannesburg


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