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KD Linksfield pupils raise money for a leisure area



The Grade 8, 9 and 10 pupils spent the morning phoning the community and requesting people to support a Raffle-Thon that was organised by the PTA.

A Raffle-Thon is a hybrid of a raffle and a Phone-a-Thon, where the pupils sell raffle ticket pledges by phone and WhatsApp, according to Sean Jammy, PTA chairman.

These pledges are then fulfilled by the donors online. It’s a raffle for the internet age, where the results are maximised through the smart use of technology, he says.

The Raffle-Thon was held at the school to raise funds for this much-needed upgrade, which will provide a safe place for pupils. They will be able to do homework there, relax before and after extramural activities, catch up with friends and charge devices.

“The PTA not only supports small infrastructure improvements such as this, but also provides financial assistance to our students and the community at large,” says Jammy. “We are proud of our students for helping to create a better work and play environment at the school.”

The Raffle-Thon was the first of its kind held at the school and ensured that the pupils got involved by calling on their friends and families to buy raffle tickets.

“We are excited at how well this initiative worked. We had exceptional buy-in from the students, who did really well,” said Jammy. “There was great excitement on the floor – one that mimicked the original stock market. And our target was reached.”

The Raffle-Thon reached the goal of 500 tickets pledged.

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