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‘Piesers’ won’t make any difference to Woolies’ share price




Firstly, Woolworths will probably succeed in obtaining a restraining order against BDS. Secondly ,the investors (shareholders) that have complained saying that they have invested considerable amounts of savings are in fact pipsqueaks (piesers). Their investments will not make one iota of difference to the board of Woolworths. In fact, if these shareholders were as concerned as they say, they would have withdrawn (sold) their shares.

Of course money talks and Woolworths shares are good as an investment at the moment, so these sanctimonious individuals will hang on to them.

Thirdly, a new nuance will be added to the Woolworths/BDS war in due course.

The fact that reportedly 140 South African Muslims have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight along ISIS, under the pretext of “humanitarian aid” and which, by the way, is against the laws of our country, will be dominating the media headlines very soon.

BDS, which is headed by Muslims and in particular, Muhammed Desai, may have to convince all South Africans that they firstly condemn ISIS and also the SA citizens travelling overseas to fight a foreign war.

That is far more important than tomatoes and vegetables from Israel, because the security of our country is threatened by these conscripts and not by Woolworths.

BDS will have its hands full soon and explain that Muslims are not a threat to peace.


Northcliff, Johannesburg


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. yehudah yisrael

    Dec 31, 2014 at 3:18 am


    hi there

    i am trying to comment on another letter:) by chaim hillel myerson of capetown on the meeting btw abbas y’s and the sajb of deputies

    which date sajr was it in? i know it was in the 1 with \”BB\” on the cover


    fond regards


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