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President to address Jewish community




At the invitation of Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, the president will deliver a special Jewish New Year message on 12 September at the Gardens Shul in Cape Town.

President Ramaphosa has agreed to address specific issues of concern facing the Jewish community.

“I believe we are fortunate to have a president willing, and in fact eager, to engage with the South African Jewish community, to listen to our concerns,” says the chief rabbi.

“President Ramaphosa has assured me on a number of occasions that an important part of his vision for South Africa is a vibrant, thriving Jewish community. This address is part of upholding that vision, and serves as a reminder that we are key stakeholders in the project of building this country.”

The address will be broadcast nationally from 20:00, and live-streamed on the chief rabbi’s website,

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Rosenberg

    Sep 17, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    ‘No matter what he might say, we are a direct threat to the ANC

    The farmers are being sorted as they are the key threat to the ANC 

    The Jewish community is the next "issue" that the ANC must address as we are also a substantial threat 

    With the anti-Israel rhetoric getting well underway, it will gradually escalate, very subtlety and with tiny increments it will soon become outright hostility 

    This is standard operating procedure


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