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All stops out to make Yeshiva College grade eights feel at home




But KDHSL orientation is about much, much more than finding your way physical; it is about beginning to find your place in our school’s family. Orientation introduced a glimpse of the opportunities available at King David Linksfield. 

The learners had an opportunity to learn about the school committees and to start thinking about which ones they would like to try out and eventually join.

The student leaders were able to pass over to the grade eights what they believe to be the most important aspects of the school in order to help the new ones understand what it means to be a part of a community school that does not focus solely on academics. 

Besides the structured activities, the grade eights got an opportunity to make new friends and bond with their student leaders – a vital part of the orientation that helped the learners to feel settled and relaxed before school had even begun. 

In the final day the learners were shown around the school in an exciting game of “The Amazing Race”. The orientation was very successful and left the new learners feeling excited and ready for their  high school career.


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