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Mental-health programme helps KDVP pupils and staff cope



In response to increasing anxiety about safety as a result of rising COVID-19 infection levels, King David Victory Park Primary School recently engaged in a mental health awareness programme to help pupils, staff, and parents brave the storm.

“The campaign focused on pupils, staff, and parents being mindful, relating, exercising, having self-compassion, and being grateful for the ability to cope with the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said a representative.

“Some want to hide away from all the bad, and others are active and fearless, ready to help and make a difference. Everyone mobilises their fight or flight response differently. High threat in the environment connects us to feelings of imminent threat going back to our early lives, associated with persecution and the fragmentation of self.

“We would like to salute our educators and pupils who are being vulnerable, self-compassionate, finding meaning, embracing the suffering, and connecting through the shared humanity of the pandemic experience. It helps to note that the world will eventually return to normal, and this isn’t forever. In the meantime, just keep doing your best!”

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