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Bernie thumps Hillary in both Washington & Alaska





Bernie Sanders looks better

The first US Jewish presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders,  is an Independent senator from Vermont but aiming for the Democratic Party’s backing.

Saturday’s wins bring him up to 956 pledged delegates, vs Clinton’s 1 234, a gap of less than 300. Candidates need 2 383 to win the Democratic nomination.

Sanders - bernieSanders still faces a daunting challenge to catch up, but his overwhelming wins in both states – 82 per cent to 18 per cent in Alaska and 73 percent to 27 per cent in Washington – could certainly add to his campaign momentum – and, of course, as he is seen as an increasingly viable contender, so it will bring in donations for his challenge.

RIGHT: Can he actually pull the hat out of the bag? Bernie Saders

Hawaii caucuses also took place Saturday, but results were not yet in.

Former secretary of state and first lady, Clinton leads Sanders by 469 – 29 in “superdelegates” who have said they plan to vote for her.

But the pledges of superdelegates, or party officials, are not written in stone and can be changed anytime up until when they cast their ballots at the National Convention. As they are not formally pledged, like State voters, they may still change their support to Sanders.

The next nominating contest for both parties is in Wisconsin on April 5.

Among Republicans, Donald Trump is leading Senator Ted Cruz of Texas with Ohio Governor John Kasich trailing way back in third place.

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