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Cycling to put food in little hungry mouths




Pictured:  Rabbi Ramon Widmonte of Mizrachi and Olga Meshoe of DEISI (Defend, Celebrate, Invest, Support Israel) at the start of the 94.7 Challenge.


Mizrachi said in a media release that in the spirit of the race, Team Ride4Africa-Israel, brought together Jewish and Christian riders from all over South Africa, many of whom themselves hail from disadvantaged communities. For many this was the first major sporting challenge they’ve ever undertaken and the experience was enjoyed by all (well almost all!)

Issy Zimmerman, a team member, won the tandem event at the 94.7 Cycle Challenge, an incredible achievement. The other team members hope to follow in his footsteps and give him a run for his money next year. Anyone wishing to support this effort can visit the website,

Ride4Africa-Israel is a joint project between Mizrachi South Africa, DEISI International, the SA Zionist Federation and the Israeli Embassy in South Africa, which aims to bring awareness of the opportunities for collaboration between African countries and Israel, especially in the realm of agriculture and water conservation. 

The project will see hi-tech implementations in water management, drip-irrigation and green housing, to increase produce output and conserve water.

The school project launch will take place in February 2015.

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