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Syd Nomis – proudly Springbok, proudly Jewish





Pictured:  Rugby great Syd Nomis posing with Rav Ilan Herrmann, prior to Shabbat.

Syd in his humorous and down-to-earth way, recalled some anecdotes from his career, shared his views of the recent Rugby World Cup and particularly his views on the Springboks and their World Cup experience.

He recalled the almost accidental way he came into rugby and how he rose through the ranks to eventually claim 25 Springbok caps. He made it clear that he always carried his Jewish identity firmly and proudly throughout his career.

The Lions Shul’s early morning service, at 06:00 on Shabbat, is known for its chavershaft, lively atmosphere and delicious breakfast. The Lions Shul is Johannesburg’s longest serving synagogue.

“It is becoming more and more popular, enjoying bigger attendances than we’ve had in a while, especially as the shul enters its 110th year of its existence,” notes Rav Ilan Herrmann.  


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