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US Girl Scout thin mints now parev




They Join Ben & Jerry’s


This year, the beloved thin mint cookie is now the first Girl Scout cookie to be Certified Kosher and parev by the Orthodox Union (OU), according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Parev cookies

RIGHT: Remember, only the mint flavour are parev

The cookies achieved this new status when the Little Brownie Bakers, the company that makes Girl Scout Cookies, removed whey (a byproduct of milk) and replaced a flavour that contained dairy, with a non-dairy flavour.

The bakers contend that this year’s Thin Mints are indistinguishable in taste and texture from the famous crunchy, chocolaty, and minty cookies you’ve enjoyed in the past.

And so now, kosher Jews and vegans alike have had a lot to celebrate – including the announcement of Ben & Jerry’s parev ice cream flavours! So far, Thin Mints are the first and only Girl Scout cookie that are parev, but all of their other cookies are certified as Kosher Dairy.

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