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You may call them ‘zealots’ but I call them merely zealous!



JJ Duchman

Lowenstein is absolutely right, writing: “As far as I am aware, there is little history of evangelism in Jewish literature.”

In Judaism, there is absolutely no such belief in any sort of proselytising or evangelism.

I thank the letter writer for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Allow me to shed some light on what these young men are doing.

Over 60 years ago The Lubavitcher Rebbe introduced a revolutionary idea known as the “Mitzvah Campaigns”. He called for Jews worldwide to take to the streets and encourage their brothers and sister to do a mitzvah – to go to every last corner [of the world] and spread the message of goodness and kindness.

Whether we see it or not, one mitzvah has the power to “tip the scales” of light over darkness within an individual Jew and, within all of Creation. The Lubavitcher Rebbe felt for every single Jew and in the words of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: “Where Hitler once hunted down Jews in hate, the Lubavitcher Rebbe sought them out with love.”

He saturated this world with hundreds of thousands of good deeds, smiles, and positivity through his Mitzvah Campaign – from IDF soldiers, to backpackers in Peru, and from college campuses to faraway islands. It gave new light, hope and power to so many. It inspired people to be all that they can be and uplifted them to join in the mission of making this world a better place.

I had the privilege to spend my last year volunteering in the Torah Academy High School, in the most amazing Jewish community in the world, Johannesburg. The high school boys felt responsible for their Jewish brothers and sisters across South Africa and they feel passionate about helping them with an act of kindness.

Before passing judgement on these boys, consider how other teenagers spend their free time! Here we have high school learners spending their free time reaching out, helping people with mitzvot, spreading light, and dedicated to wishing people “Shabbat Shalom” and “Have a nice weekend”. I’ve personally seen hundreds of smiles on faces, these boys brought to Johannesburgers of all ages. 

So, with the correct guidance, we must encourage them to continue using their free time for such a special mission. Our youth must stay strong and adamant for the continuity of Judaism. 

So, zealots you call them? I call them zealous!

Fervent, passionate, devout, devoted, committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, eager, keen, energetic, and zealous to make sure there is no Jew left behind. Not to impose, but light up their lamp, so they can now light others. In merit of these deeds we hope to be able to cease and desist quite soon when Moshiach comes to redeem us all.


Los Angeles


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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Aug 30, 2015 at 5:20 am

    ‘JJ!!!!!U LEGEND!That’s how it’s done’

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