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Sixty-six years together, and still going strong




Gwen says the recipe for success in their marriage is her husband’s patience and tolerance. She also credits her late in-laws, Solly and Minnie Hurwitz, who set a wonderful example.

The couple met at Huddle Park, and were married on 27 June 1954 at the then Wolmarans Street Shul in downtown Johannesburg. They have three children and eight grandchildren. Ruben is married to a Sabra, and lives in Israel with his three children; their daughter, Michelle Glaser, lives in Johannesburg and has three sons; and their son, Hedley, also lives in Johannesburg and has two children.

John and Gwen settled in Johannesburg after they married. John had a factory making car-seat covers and motor accessories. Gwen grew up in the Free State. She lost her parents at a young age, and was taken care of by her sister who was 14 years her senior.

Not many couples are blessed to celebrate such a wonderful milestone. Mazaltov!

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